Wednesday, August 6

i. Assessment Workshop

  • Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 7.00.20 AM.pnga. Administer a Curriculum Based Measure (CBM) to a struggling 4th grader in order to assess their reading comprehension
  • 1. Use Jim Wright's Intervention Central Curricular Based Measures web site
  • 2. Use this text - click here -
  • 3. Grab the directions from the web site and read the directions
  • 4. You will be ready to administer the test when the directions and the CBM are on your desktop

ii. Reading Circles

  • 1. We will choose one's house's reading circle ideas to discuss in small groups
  • 2. Use the discussion post below to convey your thoughts about my writing prompt
Subject Author Replies Views Last Message
Voldemort (flinch) v. Harry Potter ChristopherTShively ChristopherTShively 16 46 Aug 6, 2014 by Efruehauf Efruehauf

  • 3. Top 5 and then 3 Ideas from: Untangling Reading Comprehension Strategy Instruction: Assisting Struggling Readers in the Primary Grades
    • a. Use the RAFT Writing Strategy
      • 1. R - David Letterman Show writer
      • 2. A - David Letterman's Late Show audience, specifically the teachers who watch Letterman that should be sleeping
      • 3. F - a top 5 list of important ideas
      • 4. T - What are the most important ideas to share with others from your posting from yesterday

    • b. Directions (read all the directions before proceediing)
      • 1. First, read the postings from yesterday - click here -
      • 2. Then, on a sticky note or with your computer, write down the top 5 ideas to share with others
      • 3. Then, share your list with the members of your group and create a top 3 list of ideas to share with your classmates
      • 4. Post your top 3 list on the discussion board located below the postings

iii. Harry Potter Experience Planning

hiker_cactus_navigation.png Next up...August 7, You can do this by clicking on the hiker.