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  • ^ I will be teaching this course during the Fall, 2014 semester at Lake Shore Central School

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Links to the Assignments & Due Dates

Base Camp

TPaCK Check-ins

  • ^ Link to: TPaCK Check-ins
    • ^ Due dates: Feb: 6 & 13,(we did these in class)
    1. Feb,: 20
    2. Feb.: 27;

    3. Mar.: 6,
    4. Mar.: 13,
    5. Mar.:20;

    6. Apr.: 3,
    7. Apr.:10,
    8. Apr,:24,

    9. May: 1
    10. May.: 8 (optional)

Lesson Plans

Assignments (Trails of Learning)

1. Concept Mapping Knowledge, Part I

2. Teaching with Web Resources & Multimodal Learning Environments

3. School & Home Connection (Taskstream) (a.k.a. Parent, Student and the Classroom Trail), the Enhanced & Annotated Lesson Plan and Concept Mapping Science and/or Math Content Knowledge, Part II Trails

4. edTPA, Task 4 (a.k.a. Listening to Kids)
    • ^ Link to: edTPA, Task 4 (a.k.a. Listening to Kids)
      • ^ Due dates: Group 1: 5/6 & Group 2: 5/8

Figure 1: Vygotsky's Words Displayed in a Wordle.

Children need to talk in school! My thoughts about learning are grounded from the words of Lev Semenovich Vygotsky (1980), who wrote:
  • (1). A child’s speech is as important as the role of action in attaining the goal.

  • (2). Children not only speak about what they are doing; their speech and action are part of one and the same complex psychological function, directed toward the solution of the problem at hand.

  • (3). The more complex the action demanded by the situation and the less direct its solution, the greater the importance played by speech in the operation as a whole.

  • (4). Sometimes speech becomes of such vital importance that, if not permitted to use it, young children cannot accomplish the given task.

  • (5). These observations lead me [Vygotsky] to the conclusion that children solve practical tasks with the help of their speech, as well as their eyes and hands. (loc. 500)


Vygotsky, L.S. (1980-10-15). Mind in Society: The Development of Higher Psychological Processes (Kindle Locations 503-505). Harvard University Press. Kindle Edition.
  1. ^ At some point during the summer of 2014, I will be revising this syllabus. The most up-to-date course syllabus will be available on: August 25, 2014.