• Bourque, Champagne & Crissman (1997) wrote, "80% of the students' time taking the [science] test was spent writing responses to constructed-response questions" (as cited in Mintzes, Wandersee, Novak, & Mintzes, 2000, p. 224).


This is the EDU 609 course home page and it is divided into 3 sections. On this wikipage, you will find: 1.) course information; 2.) the topics of the course, links to lessons taught in class and embedded assignments; and 3.) the course syllabus.

Section 1

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Section 2

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Week 1

  • Tuesday, July 22 - Comprehension, why do students struggle? (Woolley, 2011); A powerful tool for teaching science (Wieman & Perkins, 2006)
    • i. Visit the "course base camp" and complete all the tasks - click here -

Week 2

Week 3

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